Monday, December 25, 2006


More James Island Lights....................


Too much egg nog!

This Weight Watchers Santa is part of the light show at James Island County Park where they have over two millionlights and a million people visit each year.

Friday, December 22, 2006


On the cheap...

My good friend Kirk would be proud of me. Instead of a $300 SS marine ladder I stole this old paint ladder from Jennifer. If the idea is getting out of the water and on to the boat then this one will work fine. If the idea is to have more ss to polish this one is a dud.

My new philosophy: if it ain't at Lowe's who needs it. I'm installing a new reefer and got a $1,500.00 quote for a "marine" unit but am buying a $200 home unit. It will probably only last 1/2 as long.


Miami Star cabins.........

Aft cabin has queen size bunk for the big guy to stretch out on during those lonely days at sea. The AC is a Lowe's special and keeps cabin nice and cool. Generator runs it even away from the dock [no more hot sweaty night on anchor].

There are port and starboard cabins up front and a large v-berth in the bow. She sleeps 5 singles or more than six if people are friendly.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Bama Coaching update...

Former Alabama All-American Forrest Gump has turned down $20 million a year to coach the Crimson Tide Elephants at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa.

"Reckon I'll just keep my lawn mowing job and maybe go for a long run" says Gump.

University officials have reportedly offered club house custodian Juan Castro the job pending verification of citizenship. Juan said through his interpreter that if he got the promotion to head coach he and his buddy Mike Price would be having a tequila shooter contest at Hooters this Friday night.

In a related incident, earth tremors were felt in Tuscaloosa when Bear Bryant turned over in his grave, "what's this tequila shit we're vodka people."

Friday, December 15, 2006



Think anyone will mess with my rig at the dinghy dock?

Do you name your dinghy? We could call this one Redneck Star!

Now all I need is a shrimp net.


Nap time.....

Scooter and Jack take a nap with Grandpa.

Wonder what the going rate for babysitting is these days?

Jennifer asked if I wanted to change a diaper and I said, "No shit." [Sometimes I kill myself.]


Santa Baby........

Smiling Jack Jackson Wallace plays Santa.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Tis the season

The bright lights of James Island.

Friday, December 08, 2006



Winter in Charleston, South Carolina,,,,,,,,I gotta get to Florida!



It was so cold in Charleston this morning that Scooter sniffed, peed and pooped in 3 seconds flat. Then he followed Foxy Dog down the street into her house and wouldn't come back out [he's such an idiot].

One good thing; you can tell very quickly in this weather if your zipper is down.

I saw a Mini Cooper on the road this morning that looked just like Raccoon Lady's but I knew it wasn't her cause they didn't get on my bummer, honk the horn and shot me the bird.

If Britney, Paris, Tom and Vince all disappeared off the face of the earth 90% of the people in this country would have nothing to read. It would also be a good thing. To me the graft in the picture above is like them; it has no meaning.

I gotta go buy a real hat.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Not again?

This boating crap is getting sooooooooo old!


Still friends....

Picture of Captain Bruce Dunhan and me on the Miami Star returning from Jacksonville Beach.

My cup runneth under:

1. $400 to clean fuel [still not clean].
2. $100 to check reefer [it still doesn't work].
3. $100 dockage at Beach Marina.
4. $350 fuel at diesel pump.
5. Rum/din din[wish Amercan Express would set some limits].

Uncle Bill will be in cardiac arrest.

Anyone for sailing, we can share expenses? I can get the boat on and off the dock, under sail and you can handle the rest.

Bruce loves this boat and if I wasn't so damn stupid I'd sell it back to him for a profit.

Monday, December 04, 2006



Fireworks announced the end of the Charleston Harbor Parade of Lights. We helped decorate [bah humbug] the Bahama Star which won first prize. It was a long cold ride around the harbor but the rum and coke helped fend off the elements.

The Parrot Heads [a very lively group] charter the boat from Bruce and Shelia who invited us along for the ride.
Sail HO HO HO!




Parade of lights.......

Best picture of the Charleston Parade of Lights. Mother Nature is hard to top but for some reason she didn't get first prize even thought there was also a full moon later in the evening.


Happiest day of their life........

These are the guys [Bruce and Shelia] who sold me the Miami Star which explains why they are smiling. Me? I'm too dumb to realize what's happening.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Bama update..........

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