Monday, February 26, 2007


Catch 22 Latin style.

Several months ago a guy from Central America has his secretary give me an urgent call because they have to have a chiller in a hurry. It takes about 2 weeks to negotiate price, get more pictures, more specifications and to do more general bull sh.t but we finally run out of barriers to doing the deal. Then I don't hear from the guy for at least 2 weeks and end up selling the chiller to someone else for more money than I quoted the Latin guy.
Then the Latin guy emails me asking for more information on the chiller. Says he's ready to do the deal and acts pissed when I tell him it's sold.
So.... we start the whole process over on another machine that I have in stock. Several weeks of more pictures, more specifications, more price negotations, more BS. Finally on Monday, last week, he says he's ready to do the deal but believes the machine is worth $1,000 less than we're asking. I roll over on the price. One week later, no word from the guy.
I've formulated a Latin Catch 22; you can't give them the machine they want, for the price they want, in the time frame they want, because they don't know what the f..k they want.


Saturday, February 24, 2007


Changing perceptions

On Folly Beach Road this AM some idiot was weaving in and out of traffic. Thinking that this is some stupid dumb bastard who is in a hurry to get no damn place fast I gave him the your number one sign. A mile or so later I caught the fast lane and passed him and noticed when he got behind me that his car had an Auburn vanity tag. That when I knew he really is a numero uno kind of guy.


Monday, February 19, 2007


Free meal

Notice the Pelicans waiting on some free grub in this picture? Pelicans and crabbers are one.
Right click and open picture in another window to enlarge photo and see my kind of pilot house on this boat.



Their cake and eating it too..

Congress is responsible for funding the military but doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to vote funds for the war in Iraq up or down. Instead they pass a resolution opposing additional troops. They have the power to stop funding this war but that would require a political stand on the issue that could back fire. I say the bastards need to quit wasting time and money to cover-their-ass which is what this resolution attemps to accomplish. Take a meaningful stand on an issue or shut your big mouths.

Anyone out there who doesn't understand what I'm talking about need a a civics lesson and should NOT vote till they get one.


Thursday, February 15, 2007



These cold days, my stiff body and injured hip have got me back into Yoga. Don't be fooled by this practice, it may look sissy and easy but you can bet your bottom dollar that Yoga, done right, will whip your ass. Yoga is the most balanced work out you can get with plenty of streching and strength moves not to mention the relaxing affects of the whole process. Give it a try, for $10 bucks you can prove me right or wrong.


February 15th, a day late and........

Jennifer put this picture of Old Blue Eyes together for her Valentine Cards. Don't you get the feeling he's ready for a job with the Fed's?


Monday, February 12, 2007


Hopefully this is home.

Miami Star on-anchor on the upper end of Charleston Harbor and Ashley River. The big buildings in this picture are part os MUSC [Medical University of SC]. Parking in this part of town is expensive.
1. Boats: $20.00 per foot per month, Miami Star would be $1,040 per month plus power and taxes.
2. Cars: $100.00 per month.
3. Dinghys: $150.00 per month. boat is on anchor and I ride my bike to City Marina and pretend I don't know about fees for using the dinghy dock.

Friday, February 09, 2007


The new Jim.

The old Jim would figure that the guy who parked his Jeep over the line like this is an a--hole. The new laid back chilled Jim figures this guy just isn't very observant.
I placed a 2" sheet rock screw under one of his front wheels on an angle guaranteed to prove my point about him not being observant.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Global warming at work.

My Uncle Dick, in Wisconsin, told me yesterday afternoon that they had 80 hours of below zero temperature before global warming pushed the temperature up to a balmy 2 degrees F.



Jackson finds his smile.....

Whenever Jackson would smile in the pass I always suspected it was more of a burp than a smile but these days we're getting the real thing.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


No longer a wimp.....

I left Scooter's winter coat on the boat so he's been bare assed in this cold weather and seems to be doing fine. He shakes about the same no matter the temperature. He does give me that "I'd rather be in Mexico" look from time to time.

Monday, February 05, 2007


God Help Me; I changed a dirty diaper..........

Jackson is wide awake just when I want to take a nap. He's been a happy baby after some early digestive problems. Naturally, he is spoiled rotten.

My yellow sweater was purchased for cross country skiing a few years ago. I'm wearing it day and night.


Old Man Winter.........

My friend Paddy's wife Sylvia is responsible for winter. She bought the boy long johns for Christmas even though we all know there is no winter in Charleston! So that bitch Mother Nature had to prove her right; it's a law of nature that wives are NEVER wrong.

This morning I threw in the towel, when to the garage and dug out some running tights to wear under my pants.

Guess I'll spend the day trying to remember what 60 F feels like.

God must hate Minnesota.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Speaking of Coon-Asses.....

This one is a little like dating a midget with an attitude..........


Update on Nick Sabin and the Coon-Ass Joke.....

Once the New York media finally understood that a Coon-Ass is a term used to discribe white people there was no story.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


On anchor.......

Paddy took this picture of Eric and me one night when we were on anchor. I'm telling Eric maybe we should have one more drink and maybe the 55 degree cabin temperature won't seem so bad.


Anchorage at Doboy Sound

Our trip on the ICC from Jacksonville to Charleston made me realize what a large area the Low Country Marsh covers. An area, several miles wide and hundreds of miles long, largely untouched by man, we would go for hours without seeing another person and then only the odd fisherman. Nice part of the world that we share with the Dolphins and other wildlife.


Global warming my ass!

Made the last 50 miles into Charleston in about 6 hours and docked at Copper River Marina with out a hitch.

After a couple of days to warm up and get cars from St. Marys, Paddy and I move Miami Star to an anchorage across the Ashley River from City Marina. She's next to the Coast Guard Base and about 1/2 mile from the Market. Best of all is the zero price tag for dockage.


Turn this idiot off.........

Imus proved himself to be an eastern establishment liberal this morning when he aired a audio tape of Nick Sabin, telling a coon-ass joke. Imus thinks the term coon-ass is a racial slur and that Sabine should be fired for for using the term. This says a lot about what Imus doesn't know about race relations in the south and 1st amendment rights. He can wear his stupid cowboy hats and play country music but he ain't country.

Oh yea, in case someone is reading this who isn't country, the term coon-ass refers to a Louisiana Redneck and is not a reflection one's race. The 100 or so people I've known over the years who refer to themselves as coon-asses are all white.

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