Monday, May 14, 2007


Natures way.........

The roads around Charleston are covered with bags of compost that the public pays the city to haul away. Then the home owners buy chemicals to do what the compost would have done better and cheaper. Jennifer's lawn, shown here, has not been raked in three years, no chemicals have been added. Scott's Turf Builder would be jealous of this grass. It's really not that complicated, just remember, the greatest grass lands in the world were found on the American Prairie before rakes and fertilizer were invented.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Dog and Pony

HDM [Hot Dog Man] and PCM [Pedicab Man] do their dog and pony show on the corner of George and King Streets. We have people wondering how a couple of jerks like these can make a living and at least one petition to have us removed from the city to a cage at Bull Street in Columbia.



Jan Malloy aka Raccoon Lady

Picture of Jan Malloy [my girlfriend Bandit the Coon's mom] on the Miami Star at a party with some friends. So far this spring she has helped save over a dozen wild animals.


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