Friday, December 26, 2008


New bicycle

My new Stepper Bike....and you know who.  It has a 8 speed Shimano grip shifter, 24" front wheel and 20" rear wheel. It will free-wheel like a regular bike so you don't have to paddle all the time. Notice the big ass basket?  which is  functional unless over-loaded at which time it drags on the front wheel--PCM design stuff always has a glitch. Not having a seat gets to be a problem if your vertically challenged. Trust me, an hour on the baby is a work out.  Do over ten miles and you'll be walking down the stairs backward the next day.  This bicycle is okay for short rides but is more of an exercise machine than a transportation device.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Peanut Butter boy..

I'm thinking Jack's hair is a mess then Jennifer tells me it's the Rock Star look....hmmmm. So lets see, the boy has peanut butter sandwich for breakfast--don't ask-- gets some of the peanut butter in his hair and everyone thinks he looks great? There has got to be a way to make a buck off this information. It's even got a built in earthy smell. Profit margins???...convert $5.00 a jar peanut butter into $5.00 a tube hair cream.


Saturday, December 06, 2008


Winter time in Charleston

Bike Taxi is still the best way to get around town even in this cooler weather. The problem is there are only a few of us that believe this to be true and most of us work in the business. Whatever happened to the frontier spirit? Riding the open bobsled in winter? A nice crisp ride in an open rooster? Come on people...get out there and enjoy the season.


Monday, December 01, 2008



My mother, sister Jan and her son Travis came to visit for Thanksgiving. We did a lot of recycling--telling the same old stories over again. Jack and Travis became big buddies and everyone ate too much food.

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