Sunday, May 17, 2009


Move em out...

Riding my bike taxi across the James Island Connector is almost always a challenge.  The prevailing winds out of the south  make going home  hard.  The fiberglass seating area of the cab acts like a parachute and going home I'm usually tired, plus the steepest part of the bridge is also homeward bound.  Doing 3 mph is a heart racer. I look forward to the occasional day when we get winds out of the north making things a little easier.   

This bad news picture was taken looking west from the top of the bridge into a storm front.  Big black clouds and lightning.  The good news: wind and hills seem easy if your worried about being struck by lightning.  

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Cycle Chic...big success

As mentioned a few days ago my friend Kristan organized a Charleston Cycle Chic ride for the ladies.  She put this thing together in the insanely short period  of two weeks.  I would have bet big money not more than 8-10 folks would show up.  
Shows what I know.  With the organizational help of Twitter the word spread fast and there ended up being over 50 folks on the ride, mostly ladies dressed to the nines--the most high heels King Street has seen on Friday at noon in years.  

Okay, everything didn't go perfect.  Toward the end of the 4 mile ride a couple of the ladies decided to take a short-cut back to work and a bunch of the folks followed them.  We got a little scattered out.  This ended up being kind of cool and seemed to fit the spirit of the event.  

Monday, May 11, 2009


Two of a kind...sort of.

We both slobber a lot and naps are a big deal.  We both like to wave our hands around when we talk but no one listens to us anyway. If we had a barber it would be the same one. He has 3 rolls of fat under his chin and I have a few --but who is counting. 

On the other hand he hasn't found a job yet but we're working on it.  My butt is hairy and his is pink.  With a little luck he'll get out of diapers in a few years and I'll never have to wear them.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Cool concept..

My friend Kristan is putting on a Cycle Chic ride on May 15th in downtown Charleston.  The concept is simple: a bunch of ladies get together and ride their bicycles down King Street...the really cool part is they dress to kill including high heel shoes.  You can get more information on the event:

For more  bicycle pictures:

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