Monday, July 31, 2006


Taz's Law...........

Anyone can sniff my weenie but screw around with my chew toy and I'll whip ya ass.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


THE Salon........

Picture of living area in my new home. It was clean for 3 hours then Pat Neeley and I started working on the engine. We make a good team; I fret and worry and he fixes things. After several hours spent cleaning the injectors and bleeding the diesel fuel system we got the sucker going. Did that engine ever sound good! It had the sound of about $8k staying in my bank account............

Monday, July 24, 2006


I did it, another boat!!!

1978 Endevor 37' sailboat that I just purchased for $9,500.00. Needs work.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Lazy is as lazy does.........

Ten days on a boat and I've become a fat bum. Now that I'm back in Charleston it's time to ride the pedicab again........WRONG. Been looking to purchase a sail boat. After and exhausting search and a couple bottles of rum I'm scheduled to give some people an ass pocket full of money for a boat that doesn't have a working engine and the deck looks like a Beirut bomb pit. So, for awhile I'll be sitting on a dock at the Cooper River Marina throwing 100 dollar bills in the water.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Where is the land Momma?

Yellow Shoes took this picture at sunset. We were about 100 miles off shore, between Clear Water and Applichia Cola, with a 12 mph east wind on our ass. Not a bad ride till the wind died in the morning and we started to roll around. When I started to feel bad from the rock and roll Jan gave me a wrist band which give you a little electric shock. When I didn't get much better I turned it up to maxim out put. Sparks were flying off my hands every time I touch the wheel. About that time the engine stopped, turns out we had a clogged fuel filter. When I tried to crank the engine again there were 4 inch sparks between my fingers and the switch. Jan was laughing like hell. MY sea sickness disappeared.


Bald is beautiful!

Paddy loves the world and everyone in it after a few drinks. Well, he deserved his Irish Whiskey for being our number one guy at fixing boat problems. Paddy knows all there is to know about boat systems which is a good thing on a boat that has been at the dock for over a year. Nothing seemed to work right on Tiger Lilly at the start but we got her in good shape before the end of the trip.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Red neck honey...........

Paddy and Captain Yella Shoes had a great time chasing the girls in PC. In fact Old Yella brought this lady a beer. [ thought I was making up the stuff about PC red necks?]


Never tired of the sunsets...........

Yawn. Another beautiful sunset along the Florida Gulf Coast. Picture taken from starboard bow of the Tiger Lilly while docked in Panama City. We also got a great view of the 4th of July fireworks from here later that night. Five thousand or so showed up at the City Marina for the fireworks, we estimated there was a half dozen teeth in the whole crowd, all shared one bar of soap and got their clothes at the city dump. Red.........Necks.


Jan and Chief Captain Yellow Shoes..........

Jan and Lucky aka. Chief Captain Yellashus on the street in Panama City. We were off the water so those are adult beverages. I can't remember if my sister is real tall or Yellashus is damn short.

The yellow shoes thing came about because Lucky wore bright yellow deck shoes and was chased around by every gay guy we meet on the trip.


Does he or doesn't he own a red bro?

Here is a picture of me on the Tiger Lilly doing what I do best.......nothing, the auto pilot is steering the boat. No I have not had breast augmentation that is all muscle and looks great when I'm laying on my back.


A new Cat in the family

My sister Jan and her boyfriend Lucky have a new 34 foot Cat. She is white and named Tiger Lilly. I enlisted as Chief Navigator into the Catamaran Tribe and help move her from Bradenton, Florida to New Orleans. Great Cat, great crew, great ride. Picture shows us tied up in Applichata Cola, Florida after an over night ride of 170 miles from Clearwater. The only slip available was the pump out slip at the City Marina which I had to beg the dock master to let us use [it was to damn hot for him to say no].

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