Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Who buys this stuff?

I was wandering around the upscale mall here at Caesar's Palace and wondering who buys this stuff, $400 slacks, $230 jeans, $1,500 jackets, $4,500 pictures? Then at the Brooks Store I saw a grocery delivery bike for only $1,998.00 and found out I was the answer to my own question.



Postcard from Las Vegas..


It doesn't get dark here till 9:00 local time, midnight back home, so I've never seen this fountain light show at night but it's pretty cool in the

Raccoon Lady has been a big winner in the casinos which means she has only lost about 50 bucks. We figure a room would cost twice as much in Charleston so that it's incumbent on us to throw around some bucks in the casino.

The weather: hot and dry, hot and dry, hot and dry and hot and dry.

We were walking down the crowded street behind a Asian guy and his lady when he took a card from one of the street people. These cards have pictures of naked women on the front. I kept my eye on his lady friend to see what her reaction would be, then it occurred to me; he just wanted to see what straight legs looked like.



Monday, June 25, 2007


Raccoon Lady and Pedicab Man go west

What has the following:

1. One electrical outlet.
2. Five channels on cable TV.
3. Hard to hook-up computer access.
4. One trash can in a very large room .
5. No ice on the 6th floor.

Answer: Caesars Palace [they don't want you screwing around in the room when you could be feeding a bandit or throwing craps]. The bathrooms are super, apparantly they want people to be clean when they throw away their money.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


The color purple

One night when she was putting away beets leftover from dinner, it occurred to Jennifer that Jack might like to have them for lunch the next day. So she washed off the butter and pepper and put them in the food processor.
He liked them, and his diaper turned... uh... a little purple.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Aunt Caroline and Jack

Jack stats:

He’s 8 month old
He weighs 24+ lbs and wears a size 24 months
He grew 8 inches in the first six months
He took to food like a duck to water
He has 2 teeth
He’s fascinated by Lulu, but she thinks he’s an alien
The mosquitoes, on the other hand, think he’s juicy
The teachers at his school have started a Jack Fan Club


Welcome Back....

Welcome back, Jim. Been gone a month, a very busy month.

1. Purchased 25% of pedicab company, sold 25% of pedicab company.
2. Boat blew up on mud flat and after fretting over the problem for some time decided it's not such a bad dockage after all.
3. Purchased my own pedicab and I'm looking for someone to ride with me across country to establish a Guiness World Record.

What I've learned: Uncle Bill says you don't own stuff it owns you. Good advice, now if I can just get rid of that damn boat.


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