Monday, January 12, 2009



Lots of change coming this year.  Over 2,500 years ago Buddha started a religion based on the fact that the only thing a person can depend upon is CHANGE.  Nothing remains the same.  People are fearful of change and worrying about change causes more stress than anything else in our life.  His solution to this dilemma is to live in the worrying about tomorrow, no fretting over the past. To bad this is the hardest thing in the world to accomplish.  Good luck to you and yours on this adventure in 2009.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Life of Riley......

Everyone should be a 2-year-old for a day.  Life is simple for these guys. Take math, for example, you only have 2 numbers to worry about--one and two. One equals one and two equals everything else. Want to be cute? Just repeat something stupid an adult said and smile.  Want the moon? Just bat those baby blues and say pleeese.  Don't know what you want? Just say some words they don't understand, and they will start offering you stuff till you see something you do want.  Tired of riding your trike?  Just get off and somehow it'll get back home. Need a nap?  Any place any time, master. Want to stay out of trouble?  Do whatever you want, and if they get mad, just put on that siht-eating-grin and keep it there till it cracks them up.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Indians swarm Fort Bama...

The Utha Utes took out Fort Bama in the Sugar Bowl last night.  Earlier this fall Bama beat Auburn for first time in 6 or 7 years and were number one in the nation.  Either they couldn't stand the pressure or were so overwhelmed by FINALLY beating Auburn but in either case might as well stayed home for the last two games.   


Christmas present...

Scooter in his new sweater.  The stripes make him look a little chunky.  Hard to get a picture of this guy outside cause he never stops moving. I found a chew toy in my bed this morning so he's going on restriction. I got to go take a bath and change sheets.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


New Years Eve..

Jennifer took her favorite guy to a New Years Eve party held by our neighbors in the back.  I had to help them over the fence. The fence is about a 3 foot high chain link which Jack has figured out how to defeat when he wants to play with the kids back there.  God help us.

Jennifer made some peach cider which tasted like siht.  I added a little whiskey and sweet vermouth to mine and invented the worlds best Manhattan.  I'm going to open a chain of bars that only make this drink.  I'll make millions.

Jennifer also also worked on New Years Resolutions for the guys.  Here are mine: 1. learn to poop in the potty, 2. be good to the new baby when it comes, 3. play nice with Lulu and Scooter.  I did good with all mine the morning. Jack resolution is  to sweep up when he makes a mess cooking in the kitchen--which he didn't do this morning.  

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