Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Starting all over...

With all the bicycling, I haven't done any running for years, then a few weeks ago I listen to a book on my Ipod called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Boy, did he ever do a good job of convening me that we truly are born to run. Lots of new interesting stuff in this book. Did you know that statically from 19 years of age to 27 years of age marathon times improve? That the best times for a marathon are posted by people in their late 20's? then it's not till 64 years of age that you get back down to the 19 year old running level? That's modivation for us older guys.

This book also makes a good case that modern running shoes are not preventing injuries and may contribute to injuries by limiting the flexibility of the foot. Runners World found that the number one predictor of running injuries was how much you paid for your running shoes: people who bought cheap shoes had less injuries.

Anyway...I've started to run again and this time I'm starting at the beginning: barefoot trail running with some homemade sandals to use for running to the trail. Of course, nearly everyone thinks I'm crazy and you should see the looks I get on the Greenway. My 2.5 year old grandson Jack is my only supporter, he liked Papa's new running shoes so much I made him a pair. When we went outside to try them out he ran like the wind while laughing and didn't stop for a quarter mile--this whole project has me feeling a little like Jack.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Did it rain or what?

Monday, June 01, 2009

My bike taxi turned over 1,000 miles just in time for the city to crack down on the number of pedicabs allowed on the streets.  Since I try not to take rides from the kids I'm off the taxi for awhile.  In the mean time the tourons have a 20-30 minute wait for a taxi on Friday and Saturday nights.   Just another good example of our tax dollars at work, God forbid we let the free market work.  

Planning a New England ride with Patty and Ron, in August, so with all this spare time I've started training.  My plan to take my folding bike on this trip--it's easy to ship-- went to hell after the first training ride.  Not even a real training ride.  I rode to the bike shop to purchase a new odometer and got a bad case of the sore butt, pain in the shoulders and hand cramps.   So it's back to the first training ride on it was to the drug store to get a new battery for it's odometer.  My life is one big ass circle,  which I ride on different bikes. 

The picture is the 2029 Auburn fullback who scores eight winning touch downs to beat Bama 120 to NOTHING--this is the game where  the Bama radio announcers leave at half time and ABC Sports switches to Colgate vs Temple. 

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