Saturday, November 21, 2009


Not Bad...

This week was NOT Bad which is Italian for so-so. Did a 13.5 mile long run--my last long run was 12 miles two weeks ago-- and 33.5 total miles this week. At 11 or 12 miles on this weeks long run I was wondering if all the pain was worth it just to add another marathon to the list. Have to keep reminding myself that when I'm in marathon shape then the marathons themselves become the long runs if you do a race about once a month.

I've had this on again off again left knee and foot problem for several weeks. Been icing like a Eskimo, which keeps the knee swelling manageable. It would be a real downer except for the fact my right side hip problems are totally gone gone--I never went to a doctor with the hip but figured it would have to be replaced. Go figure. There is a good side to the know your alive. I've been listening to running podcasts on my Ipod and it appears that older runners either live pain or hang-up their shoes and becoming 300 pound sofa slugs. Thanks God for Motrin!

The hard-easy-week with only a real long run every two weeks seems to be working good. Another good indication of my fitness is the 4-6 mile runs seem routine and almost easy. I've also slowed down after reading a slow start will get your body burning fat. I've lost 12 pounds since starting this project and am getting near"fighting weight". At 218 I'm the same weight as in high school--of course I wore 32" pants then and 36" now but that's cause we worn tighter clothes in the old days.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Right now..

A famous Zen Master once said young children have the best answers to life's mysteries because unlike adults their minds haven't been cluttered up with a bunch of preconceived notions.

Sooo...I asked three year old Jack the "Meaning of Life" this morning. His answer; "Coffee."

Freeze that moment in time when you take your first sip of coffee in the morning. Then you'll see what a great answer this is... live in the moment.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Another week on the trail..

I'm always thinking of cool stuff to say on the blog while running. Trouble is old age..forget the stuff before it gets written down.

I do remember thinking about the ass factor while running last week. This is a bit from "Born to Run" in which he discusses our genetic predisposition towards running. Turns out asses are a real asset to running and one of many reasons humans are the worlds best long distance runners-- and you thought they are just for kissing, chewing out and setting on. Our nearest relatives in the animal kingdom, chimps, don't have a fanny since it is it is useless for standing or walking. However when you run upright --like humans-- it's acts as a counter balance to keep you from falling to far forward and a great storage area for those big Gluteus Maximus we need to be such great runners. So lets all get out there and put those asses to work.

My ass stay busy last week doing 30.5 miles including a 12 mile long run. The total also includes several trash miles behind the jogging stroller with Baby Baker. This hard week easy week plan seem to be working so I plan to cut back again this week and try to do a 14 mile long run a week from next Saturday. My long run water problem was solved this week by having two water bottles and a back-pack hydration systems alone for the ride.

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