Monday, October 25, 2010


Deming, NM to Las Crusces, NM....63 miles

Did you notice that Las Cruces is east of Deming and that after 1800 miles of west bound travel we are now headed east? Folks...20 plus mph winds will make you do funny things. After just one 60 mile day into this wind we weren't crazy enough to do another 65 miles to Lordsburg, not stupid enough to do another 75 miles to Safford and 80 miles to Globe with predicted 50 mph wind gusts would be insane.

So...we turned around and had a nice wind assisted ride back to Las Cruces where Ron went shopping at Wal Mart, I had a few martinis, Lucky did a few tequilas and Jan hung out with the guys.

Tomorrow we drop the horses off at the bike shop for boxing and shipment back home and hop the shuttle to the El Paso Airport for the trip home.

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