Saturday, October 23, 2010


Las Cruces to Deming, NM....60 miles

We got a barely daylight start to beat the winds. There is a nice climb out of the river valley up to the southern desert of New Mexico. This is when we met The bad ass wind which was blowing over 20 mph at times. A reasonably flat ride turned into by far our hardest ride of the trip.

Ron and I drafted each other most of the day. Jan and Lucky got a ride about 10 miles out of town from a farmer and beat us to the motel. Cal had a hard time. We're all beat and a little depressed since we have more of this stuff tomorrow.

We got to the motel in time to see the Auburn LSU game. I knew someone was going to be disappointed and am glad to say it was Lucky.

We had pizza in the room.

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