Thursday, November 04, 2010


Back home.

After my bicycle trip it's back to life with the boys.  Sometimes nice,  sometimes a pain in the ass but always funny--usually after the fact. 

The other night I heard a scream from the bathroom where Jennifer was giving Baker a bath.  A minute later a naked 19 month old, holding his pee pee--he's all boy-- comes running through the office where I'm working--okay, I wasn't working just screwing around on the computer.  I remember smiling and thinking how cute.

Then I noticed dog food on the floor and wondered "what the hell".  Looking back, at that point in time I should have gone out for a run.  But no,  had to take a closer look.  Have I mentioned my glasses are broken?   Wearing a pair of drug store readers means you have to get REAL close to see anything.

"Holly crap! This is Siht."  Then it dawns on me why Jennifer is screaming and it ain't so funny this time.  About that time Jennifer runs in, with of all things a dish towel,  to clean up the mess. "Damn girl, don't use that towel I'll never be able to dry dishes again."  

Bo Bo is finally captured, cleaned up and back in the tub.  The floor is cleaned up with PAPER towels and things are back to normal.  Whew.  But I can still smell that baby siht. 

It just won't go away.  What the hell.........

FINALLY...I look down and poop is on my leg and shorts.   Talk about  crap flying all over the place...that boy was 2-3 feet from me when he ran by me.

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