Thursday, November 18, 2010


How much is enough exercise?

Let me be blunt...working people do not have enough time to get optimal amount of exercise.

Here is my answer for what is enough exercise:

Let's start with some facts: 1. When we do long distance bicycle touring--over 1.200 miles-- we are usually in reasonably good shape at the beginning of the ride. 2. It takes about 1.200 miles or so for our bodies to get use to riding 60 plus miles a day so that this distance seems easy.  3. Sixty miles takes about 6 hours a day.

Once you are in shape to do a comfortable 60 miles per day, day in day out you will notice some other changes which have taken place.  1. You WILL be sleeping good.  2. All those little aches and pains  go away.  3. You know your endorphins have kicked by the big smile your carrying around.

I have a bad shoulder from body surfing, bad hip from bike accidents, bad ankles from God knows what, sciatic nerve pain from football, trouble sleeping and mild depression.  In other words... normal old guy stuff.   All this baggage gets dropped along the road  when we do long bicycle tours.  It's happened on every tour.

One plus one equals two.  AND 6 hours of exercise a day at 70-80% of max heart rate equals good health.

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