Thursday, September 30, 2010


Day 3 Vancleave to Popularville, Ms about 72 miles

Who would have thought you could ride 70 miles in Mississippi and climb over 2,500 feet? The highest elevation around these parts is 300 feet and the low was around 150 feet. We spent the day going back and forth between the two elevations.

Early in the day my bike started squeaking and I stopped several times before discovering the problem was mud stuck in the front fork. It didn't take near as long to discover the mud was siht. No siht that was some was some tough siht.

My sister Jan and her boyfriend Lucky were joining us in Popularville. They got in early and rode 8-9 miles out to meet us. They were carrying full packs to see how it would go. Right away we noticed Jan's kitchen sink...the next morning the sink went home.


Day 2

Day 2: Dalphine Island to Vancleave, Ms...65 miles. Several things happened that day:
A. There was some rain and we ate at the Waffle House in Bayou La Batre.

B. I got dehydrated and stopped riding after 35 miles. Caught a ride to Vancleave where we were staying at the Bluff Creek Campground in a cabin.

C. No sheets on the bed had to ride to the nearest Dollar Store and buy some.

D. The women in the camper next to our cabin asked me if I was the cyclist that her dog bit. I told her it wasn't me. She said not to run if he started to chase me. I started looking for a gun to borrow.

E. I wasn't feeling any better by the time Cal and Ron arrive at Camp Hell. All the things that could be wrong started to panic me. Not having a physical exam in 15 years didn't help. Cal and I hitched a ride to the emergency room.

F. According to the staff at the emergency room most people would love to be in my physical condition. Relieved and fortified with a vodka I got a good nights sleep.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Catching up on bike trip

The plan is to ride from fair hope, Al to Phoenix which is about 2000 miles and should take about a month. So far, so good.
Getting started: Cal, who stayed with us in Charleston, and I drove to Jacksonville where we picked up Ron who dropped off the rental car he drove up Fort Myers. We kept alerting on trucking to Fairhope where we spent the night with Bill Robertson at his condo. The talk was all about pass trips and the pending rain. We had a great meal at Winsels. Even the Absolute was above average?

Day one:Fairhope to Dalphin Island..58 miles. More rain worry in the morning but the rain is never as bad as the worrying part. Uncle Bill rode with us for about 20 miles before turning back to the condo..thinking he was rid of us. We finished the days ride with a visit to Fort Morgan and the ferry ride to Dalphine Island.
Cal had a flat and the nearest bike shop was in Fairhope, enter Bill stage right. While Cal was alerting the ferry that Bill was dropping off the spare tires for them to bring over from Ft. Morgan, Ron and I dropped in on Bill's cousin John and his wife Jenna who were on holiday on the island. We had a few drinks, some great food and watch the Alabama Game with them and their friends

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