Wednesday, February 25, 2009


New plan....

Question: let's see, we're bailing out the banks, dead beat home owners, auto industry and spending trillions on other government programs?  What's in for me? What's in for you? [We know what's in for children but NO ONE gives a siht about the kids.]  ANSWER: all this spending for special interest groups has one thing in common....the only folks  happy about any specific spending are the one's getting the money and politicians that are repaying their election debt with our tax dollars.   Even this happiness is tempered because no special interest group EVER gets big enough piece of the borrowed pie.  Bottom line: even with all this spending no one is happy.  Solution: Affordable automobiles.  By affordable I mean FREE.  Have the soon to be national car companies get together and design a national it Government Car.  Then have the soon to be national banks make financing available for Government Cars to all Americans, aliens and miscellaneous dead beats.  No one has to make a payment since we all know the government will bail out the banks


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


New Bike Taxi..

My new bike taxi  is scheduled to ship from Denver tomorrow or the next day.  That's right...American Made, except for the wheels, tub, chain, cassette, cranks, brakes, fork and pedals etc.  Mine will look like the one in the picture but without the top and seat.  We have plenty of spare tops in the shop and I'll use my own seat--I might not be much on underwear but having my own bike seat seems important.  Uncle Bill seemed to think I was spending too much money until I reminded him it was a better investment than the Marriott Hotel stock he owns. Now all I have to do is make room in the garage for my new baby.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Public housing...

The chart on the right show the amount of money that has been and is being printed.  Talk about going through the roof?

The latest deal announced today is a $79 billion home mortgage bale out of people who owe more money on their home than the home is worth.  Here we go again: taking responsible tax paying  citizens money and giving it to people who made bad decisions. What's the lesson? Sounds like the lesson is buy a house you can't afford and the Federal Government  will kiss the bobo and make it go away.  The problem with housing today is inflated prices caused by artificial demand from so many of these stupid loans.  A bale out will only service to prolong the afforability problem and keep some responsible people from owning their own home.  

Bottomline: those morons over at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, with the help of Congress, opened the door...a bunch of dumb ass bankers jumped on the bandwagon and now irresponsible buyers who signed up for more money than they are willing to pay back are being baled out with  money we have to borrow. BORROW....  AND a lot of these loans included second mortgages that people used to buy $100 bottles of wine and take cruises so we not only bale them out we provide vacation money.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Where is the money?

There is plenty of money available to buy homes!!!! If you have good credit, a 10% down payment and the house cost is no more than 2.5 times your annual salary.  In other words it's back to the old business model.  The problem is people aren't making enough money to afford homes.  This is  due to the hyper-inflation of home costs over the last 10 years caused by creative financing. The affordability gap widened as house price when up10-15% per year and salaries only went up 5-6%.  In Charleston the mean household income in 2007 was $46k and the mean house cost was $365K. You already know what happened.... some folks were buying houses they couldn't afford using loans  that did not have a chance of being paid back.   Make no mistake about it, these excessive loans were a major cause of the hyper-inflation.  Now it's time to get back to the real world of supply and demand.  No one want to hear this but that 2007 mean housing cost of $365K is going to have to get down to the $175K range before most families will start qualifying for loans again.   The only thing that will stop this cycle is the if the Federal Government throws enough money into housing and the bad loan practises are continued.  AND..why wouldn't the feds get involved?  AMERICANS ARE PERFECTLY HAPPY TO STAND AROUND WHILE THE GOVERNMENT BANKRUPTS OUR CHILDREN.


Saturday, February 07, 2009


8% unemployment..What's the problem?

I don't know why folks get so fired up over a little unemployment when the Internet is so full of opportunities?  Just start your own business working from's easy.  Here are just a few opportunities that nice people have emailed me in the last week:

1. You can make $3,500 a week doing Google Searches from home and no experience is necessary. Even if your not unemployed why not quit that stupid job and go for this one?
2. BUT..what if your have a government job and 2 hours on the computer  a day,  doing Google searches,  sounds like too much work?  Here is the deal for you.  In just  two easy steps you can get a government grant.  Over 15 billion in funding available. 

Once you have all that cash flow you'll want to improve your life.  Again the Internet is the place to go.  Here are just a few opportunities:
1. Live to be 150 with America's number one anti-aging pill.  
2. Flush out extra weight with Belly Bulge Be Gone.  Guaranteed 10 pounds a week weight loss.
3. Get Magic Jack and never pay for phone service again. NEVER.
4. Never Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  

Then again,  you may just want to wait till until my new product hits the market? Your very own $100 dollar bill printing press.  It's free with the standard terms and a 30 day money back guarantee.  Note: Part of the GREEN Movement, they only run on hot wind power--you can buy some of mine if you run out.  

I know most of you aren't going for any of this stuff.  Your thinking why go to the trouble?  All you have to do is wait for the millions Microsoft and Yahoo are sending you for forwarding all those emails to me!  Right?  Fess up, you know you did it.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Global Warming...

Is it just me?  Every time I see Al Gore in the news along with the ensuing discussions on Global Warming we get record cold weather.  We took a bicycle trip from Jacksonville to Key West in January, Al was in the news and I  nearly froze my ass off.  Al Gore lives in a 20,000 square foot house, rides around in limos and a private jet...give us a break.  The man is just not green, you know that Humpty Dumpty ass of his is putting out more fumes than the Hummer he drives?  I want the man to shut up and the movement to get another spokesperson.  

No negative feed back about this from the tree huggers out there!  You want to discuss Global Warming?  Get your ass off the couch and out the door.  We can talk the talk while walking the Greenway or riding our bikes downtown. You want green?  It's outside people--not that I'm going out in this cold ass weather.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


A can of worms...

Monday, February 02, 2009


Do you have a better term?

Our past President, current President and US Congress, all elected by us,  have been or are going to spend money like a bunch of drunk sailors.  Most of this money is being borrowed.  The current 800 billion spending bill in congress will increase the National Debt by 800 billion and cost over 1.1 trillion before it is paid back.  That's $8,700 for every person paying taxes today,  but today's tax payers aren't paying this money back.  It's the kids, stupid. Maybe it's just me,  but I don't see the end game here other than they are passing the buck to our children and grandchildren?  Seems like we are a bunch of cowards who's motto is "The bucks stops after we're dead or stick it to the next generation."  I'm outraged about this situation and don't understand why more folks aren't up in arms? In an effort to make my point, I will in the future call the free spending politicians what they are......................................... Financial Pedophiles.  


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