Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Someone else will have to Beat Bama

Someone had been beating me to the pecans that I pickup this time of year on a Ashley Greenway when Scooter and I take our walks. Turns out the guy is in a wheelchair. At first I felt a little embarrassed to be taking food from the handicapped then I noticed he was wearing a University of Alabama sweatshirt which gives me every right to turn over the chair and take his nuts. Then I notice his companion who looks like an All-Pro offensive tackle in drag. I figure it's time to take the high road.


Monday, October 29, 2007


Ho hum..........

Picture of Andrew Pinckney Inn. The Pinckney's deeded the land for The Market to the City of Charleston after the city agreed no slaves would be sold in it. The Bike Taxi shop is about 200 yards east of this location.




1. I row pass several hundred homes on my Wappo Cut/Colburg Creek/Stono River route. People are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for their home for the tidal marsh view that as far as I can tell hardly anyone comes out to view. Their probably in a tube trance.

2. The tide really rips through the southwest end of Wappo cut where it meets the Stono river. Not unusually to see 2-3 foot waves caused by the incoming tide. I was rowing there the other day and got into a conversation with a guy on the shore; all I had to do is slow down my paddle stroke and we were both in one spot [I was working harder than him to keep the conversation going].

3. The marine weather forecast called for gale warning on Sunday so I was surprised that so many people were using the launch at Wappo Cut. When I got back to the landing a couple hours later, after rowing in areas protected from the wind, most had loaded up and left; guess they don't have a radio.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Pass the corn flakes, please......

Vegetarian Definition:
The guys pictured don't have to be raised in their own shit, filled with antibiotics, killed, slaughtered, butchered, cut up in small pieces so that...........
You can eat breakfast.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


One year old...

You can tell from this picture who was having the most fun at Jack's birthday party. He likes my present the best; a small box of jar lids and some Tupperware bowls.



Give me a break.....

A BMW down the street like this one has a SC handicap license tag. I figure if you can squat your fanny down to 6" above the ground, roll up like a pretzel, and shove your ass into this car there is no way your handicapped. Am I the only sane one left?

While I'm on this horse: am I suppose to feel sorry for someone in Atlanta because they can't water their yard or wash their car?

Monday, October 22, 2007


Same point of view......Been there done that

Hang around on the water in Charleston Harbor long enough and you'll see something along the lines of this picture. We're the 4th largest container port in the US of A and there are dolphins everywhere around here and they do love to play.

This morning several dolphins breached near the boat and it wasn't till later that I realised that I never stopped rowing or even looked around to spot them. Jaded.

Of course they would say, "We didn't stop fishing just to check me out some dufus in a paddle thing........... so there."


Friday, October 19, 2007


Stand up for your rights....

I've been trying to get Scooter into school ever since we moved to SC without any luck. Not even Head Start will take him on. We're beginning to think the big "D"....... discrimination. It's true; the boy has only one brain cell and that one cell has the tendency to fall sleep while he's still moving around but he is almost human and don't we all have Rights? What Scooter need is a good civil rights lawyer to get an Affirmative Action plan for puppies. Our motto: no puppy left behind.



On our walks, Scooter and I go under a pecan tree a couple blocks from the house. It's been a good year for pecans and this tree is busy dropping it's treasure. It sad to see crushed pecans on the sidewalk where people have walked on them.
What this country needs is a 6 month depression so people learn the value of a dollar not to mention a pecan.

Thursday, October 18, 2007



It's raining in Charleston, nice day to watch a little TV only there is NOTHING on TV :
1. News: better known these days as create a crisis. Let's all set around and watch a 30 mph car chase in LA? Why don't they just shot the bastards?
2. Sports: Baseball? Soccer [Kick Ball]? Stock car racing [stock my ass]? Old college football games [yawn]? If you can't sleep this is the sure fired way to knock yourself out. When I want Jack to go to sleep I just turn on a game.
3. Court TV: Were do they get these people? I'd have to be on drugs to set through 30 minutes.
4. History: THE TITANIC SUNK, okay, I got it.
5. Soaps: God help us all [again, why don't they just shot the bastards]?
Well it is raining hard so guess I'll just go watch Andy Griffin and hope it's old enough to have Barney. How that's real TV.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This picture says it all......

This is me for the last 5 weeks [after my bike trip and a few days after I started running]. Lots of back pain except when I took one of my precious little codeine pills. Tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractor and rolfing. The rolfing helped but the others didn't do ME much good. It did help to walk and I've been averaging about 4 miles per day.
No back problems when I rowed probably due to keeping a strong core so things finally starting to get better after I started sculling my row boat last week.


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