Monday, November 26, 2007


Not my favorite toy!!!

This real wood toy, unlike the cheap plastic toys, makes a hell of a racket when banged on the floor. Jack may be a little young for it, so I'm hiding it in the garage. I'll drag it back out for his
23 rd birthday and not one day sooner.


Sunday, November 25, 2007


After the big Turkey

Grandma takes a walk!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Row row your toy

Thinking about a Lowell Boat rowing dory like this one. They sure are pretty and you can get one with a sculling seat.



Housekeeping hints........

1. Throw away all those pieces of crap that they sell for brooms these days and buy a real broom. None of that Swiffer crap either.
2. Have clean sheets every week but only wash sheets and change the bed every two weeks. How? Put two sheets over the bottom sheet and sleep the first week between the bottom sheet and the 1st sheet then sleep between the 2nd and third sheet the next week. The 2nd sheet may get a little oily but who cares cause your .030 of an inch from the dirty side.
3. For crying out loud buy a real mop and none of that sponge crap.
4. In the kitchen nail all the cabinet doors below waist level shut. All that bending over putting stuff in them is wasted time not to mention the back troubles you get from haul stuff back out. If your a little person disregard this one.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Places to go.....things to do

Jack with his new white shoes and Auburn Uniform.



row row your boat..

The guidebook says it's 3 miles to the Morris Island Lighthouse from Folly Beach Landing but I'm here to tell you it ain't so...........turned out to be a 10 mile round trip.
Almost lost in the marsh and oyster beds behind Folly Island but a nice oysterman gave me directions and I used my GPS tracking to get back through the maze. Lots of cool birds.
Got to run Jack is raising hell and I'm the babysitter.......he better not poop.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Looking ahead to Auburn?

I was watching a little of the Clemson and BC game Saturday night and saw the UL Monroe vs Alabama final score of 21-14. I figured it must be Alabama A&M, Alabama State, University of Alabama Huntsville or University of Alabama Birmingham that they were talking about but called Uncle Bill to be sure and he told me it really was the Elephants of the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa who lost to the UL Monroe High School. It must have been ugly.
I'm thinking it was bring back the old coach night and they let Mike Duboise coach the defense and Mike Shula coach the offence [now those were the good ole days; I sure miss those guys].


Thursday, November 15, 2007


Is it time to step up to the plate?

Seven policeman were shot in Philadelphia in an 11 day period this year.

In Al Capone's time in Chicago when politicians and community leaders didn't speak out against the mob
they were considered corrupt.

As they say, if the shoe fits wear it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Daylight Savings: A Baptist Plot to move cocktail hour around in order to confuse us drunks.

Well screw it.......I moved my cocktail hour to 4:00 PM this fall.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Dog wars

Lulu thinks she's a Chinese Emperoress and being of royal blood wants what she wants when she wants it.

1. In the morning she growls at me when I get her out of bed for her walk.......then walks slowly
into the living room and goes back to sleep.
2. On the road I have to pull her the first 1/2 mile in a hurry so she'll poop on the Greenway where I can kick it in the ditch [a little brown on the shoe
beats the hell out of a bag of shit, unless it's a cold morning].
3. Then when I want to take my time and pick up some pecans she pulls me back to the house where she growls at me again when I wipe the sand off
her belly.

She be a black bitch......

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Kayak special

Jennifer and her friend Francesca on Saturday as we paddled from Bulow Landing to Limehouse Road Landing (a distance of 6-7 miles made easy by an out going tide). Nice lunch of homemade by Jennifer pimento sandwiches which we ate on a sandbar a few hundred yards off the Stono River. The girls wanted a beer so I bumbed a couple from some guys who were taking a break from fishing. Good thing they got a beer late in the trip so no one had to pee in her boat. That's the trouble with kayaking--you're always looking for a place to pee. My rowboat is much more civilized--you just do it in a cup.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Doing what he does well

When Jennifer didn’t serve Jack a plate of cut-up pizza at little Johnny’s birthday party, he didn’t get upset-- he went and filched some from another kid’s plate.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007



Got this picture of my son Taz, taken by his mom in Alabama. Can you believe anyone would do this to the poor little hairy guy? I'm calling the humane society, SPCA and the Child Abuse Hotline. This behavior must be stopped.
This is worse than selling him to a Korean Restaurant or tying him to the bumper of the car and driving away. Bazaar behavior. If he was a little smarter [his brains must be from her gene pool] he'd bite her on the butt [or at least snag her on the ankle].


Tuesday, November 06, 2007



Which is worse:
1. You dream someone needs to be shot but spend the whole dream looking for your piece.
2. You find the gun but it keeps falling apart and you spend the whole dream trying to put it together.




Actually I'm talking about rowing sculls but liked this picture better than some old boat [it reminds me of open season on wave runners and my second ex].
Last weekend I rowed my first scull. These boats are less than 28" wide and you CAN NOT set in them without the ores in the water without turning over. The idea is to spend all your time in these boats with the paddles extended and in the water or a few inches from the water. Forget the rule and you'll get wet.
I managed to stay dry and enjoyed moving fast over the water. I was rowing a trainer that is 24' long, 24" wide and weight in at 50 pounds. The competition boats get in the 18" wide [my ass would hang over the side] 26' long and weigh less than 30 pounds.



1. I saw some sea gulls stand in the middle of the Folly River while I was rowing yesterday. STANDING! At the same instant my mind registered standing I ran up on the bar. I figured to hell with it and took a nap in the bottom of the boat [there was an incoming tide].
2. A few days ago a dolphin breached so close to me I could smell his fish breath and got sprayed with snout water.
3. I hate wave runners; there should be open season on them. Now, there is a buck I'd like to shot.

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