Thursday, August 31, 2006


Marathon Training

Running in the rain has its advantages:
1. You stay cool.
2. Less traffic on the roads.
3. You don't have to take a shower after the run.
3. Playing in the puddles is fun.
4. And.....The number on best thing about running in the rain is you don't have to find a bush to pee behind........... Just let her rip on the go.

2.5 miles in the rain. Total miles this week is about 12. Need to get up to 35 mile weeks and a 20 mile long run. 3-4 months of training should do the trick.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hurricane plans

People on this side of the Ashley River are getting prepared for a storm. Ice, batteries, plywood, flashlights, generator, water etc. Not me. I've decided to become an Entitled One. 1. Let my beard grow, 2. Pour a little rum on my oldest shirt, 3. Don't wash my pants and 4. Keep my bike dry. This way after the storm I can ride my bike across the river and get in line for supplies with the other Entitled Ones.

My expectation is that after Katrina we can make a killing off this storm. Entitled Ones rule. Screw Lowes. Where the fuck is my water? Those federal bastards need to get their ass in gear.

If you see looters on CNN, I'll be the one with a brown paper bag over his head with the green shopping cart running from the liquor store. Naturally, I'll expect FEMA to supply cokes and limes.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Mast school.....

Picture of Larry the Mast Guy who showed up with one tool [unlike Pat who shows up with tons of tools] to fix the mast head and anchor lights. After I loaned him some tools we got the job done.

The boat is ready to go. Next week we take her out of the water to do a marine survey for the insurance company. Liability insurance is $90 a year but the survey cost $400; go figure. While she's out I'm having a couple of coats of bottom paint applied. Then.......Who knows?

I gotta get some sleep [note time of day when this was written]. My mood is black as the hair on Scooter's back [see Best Friend below].


I got to get a life......

It's about 1:30 in the morning [see story below titled Best Friend]. My sheets are drying in this clothes dryer which is located in a near by Mexican restaurant. Actually, this is the as yet unfinished but very colorful babies room being put together for young Jackson James Wallace who is sleeping in his mom's belly.

Scooter is being very friendly but is still on my shit list. I still need a bath and it's too hot for warm sheets. My mood color is dark grey.


Union Made.......

Thanks to my friend Pat the boat engine is done. We went for a 2 hour cruise, the engine ran the whole time, did not over-heat and did not leak fluids. Engine school is over. We both learned a lot about Perkins Diesel Engines. 1. They are built in the United Kingdom. 2. They have a lot of problems with head cracks. 3. The water tank design with it's two pearched 3/8" bolts is crap. 4. Perkins needs to hire some people from Japan who know how to build reliable stuff. 5. I love Yanmar.


Best friend!

It's about one in the morning. My best friend has been sleeping in my bed. Earlier I noticed some little black and white hairs laying in the bed. On further investigation there was piles of the stuff down under the cover where the little shit had been taking his naps. So I climbed in and tried to sleep anyway but finally threw in the towel and am washing the sheets. I need a shower. He needs dog training...........YOU ARE A DOGS, YOU WEIGH 15 POUNDS, YOU DO NOT OWE OR NEED A QUEEN SIZE BED, YOU HAVE A VERY NICE LITTLE DOG BED, USE YOUR OWN BED.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Boat 101....

Another picture of the boat cabin facing aft towards kitchen and starboard berth. Picture taken before Pat and I started diesel engine school and turned the kitchen into a work bench.


Hell's preview.............

The boat dock is so crowded. WRONG. I'm the only one foolish enough to show up. By 11:00 the heat is life threatening and if the AC quits you better haul buggy for the car which is only 120 F inside.

More good news; the engine needs a new head which cost $1.7k and after replacing this part you still have a 30 year old engine. Oh well, hundred dollar bills and a hole in the water, big boys and their toys, life goes on etc.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Scooter's Law...........

Keeping throwing the ball till your arm falls off, I'll chase the damn thing and we can let others decide which of us is stupid !


Wreck from tech....

I now understand why Pat and his kind call themselves Rambling Wrecks from Georgia Tech. Picture of boat as we rebuild the engine. Okay, we are both responsible for the mess. Pat has to have every tool known to man and I'm a messy bartender.

Next time we do the job on the cheap: build a still, buy stock in Coke and get those lime trees planted.


Lulu's Law..........

Never let them know when you're confused; just growl and wag your tail at the same time!

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