Tuesday, March 24, 2009


New guy..with Grandpa

William Baker Wallace, 8 pounds 13 oz. and 22" long.  Born Medical University of South Carolina at 1:53 today.  Mother and baby doing fine.

Since the little guy was about a week late they induced labor.  When one of the nurses looked under the sheet and said it was time to get to work I ran like hell for the waiting room.  Forty five minutes later I was invited back for a visit and by then Bobo was washed up, dressed up, open eyed and plugged in for his first meal.  The kid can eat. This picture was taken when he was less than one hour old and right after I counted the toes and fingers--10 each.  Tomorrow he gets the old cut pee pee trick and comes on home.  We're all excited and thankful for a health baby. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009


New rules for Tour-ons..

I've come to the conclusion that what we need downtown is not MORE tour-ons but RICHER tour-ons.  We need a city ordinance that demands tour-ons maintain an ass pocket full of cash at all times.  I'm thinking about a 2 inch roll of cash and forget those dollar bills, we want twenties, fifties and hundred dollar bills--and no getting testy about change. Penalty for non-compliance is immediate deportation back up north. We'll put parking cops in charge of enforcement--these guys haven't missed a illegally parked vehicle in years .... spotting broke Yankees should be a piece of cake.

On another note: This nice picture was taken by my friend Kristen Walker.  She  plans to sell Real Estate by taking her clients around on bicycles to view properties.  A few years ago Kristen rode for us at Charleston Pedicab.  She also worked for Back Roads Bicycle Touring Company and helped do their tours in Italy--cool stuff.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Bad Doggy

Charleston has a new leash law which Scooter and I break at least twice a day.  However, in a effort to comply with the spirit of things I have been keeping him on a close verbal leash.  Which means that if he strays over 30 feet away I growl and he stays close.  Trouble is I end up stopping to talk and the boy sneaks off our little reservation,  usually to steal cat food or visit.  One  neighbor has a couple fuzzy long haired white dogs.  I was being careful not to let Scooter run over for a look-see but got distracted so he took the opportunity to visit.  My neighbor was turn away from us, talking to another guy, and didn't notice.  I figured we got away with one until a little later when we  ran into each other again and I notice black dirt--lots of it-- all over his white dogs caused by them scratching up dirt on themselves from pulling on the leash when Scooter stopped bye.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Comes around, goes around.

USA Today reports that the the per-capita consumption of meat and poultry is over 217 pounds--which shows what I know since I always consider poultry a meat.  In addition we consume 205 pounds of milk/cream, 31 pounds of cheese, 5 pounds of butter and 252 eggs.  That would be 458 pounds of flesh and animal by products and 252 aborted chickens times about 230 million people.  

Thinking about all the pain and suffering factory farm animals have to go through to produce all this crap is mind boggling.  Maybe you don't give a rats ass about brutality to animals?   I'll bet you are one the majority of Americans who gives a rats ass about their own pain and suffering?  In that case you might want to do a Google search on "high protein diets and cancer" or "high protein diets and diabetes" or "high protein diets and heart disease".    The good news is all the kids are getting plenty of steroids and growth hormones....FOR FREE.



Keeps on ticking..

Anything that I carry in my pocket will--sooner or later--end up in the wash.  I've washed pocket knives, keys, belts, maps, billfolds, books and money.  I've never washed my cell phone but it's been in the river and survived, it's also been in the ocean where it died. Yesterday,  I heard something in the dryer banging around and figured it was probably a bike tool.  Later I discovered it was my I-Pod.  DOA from a super wash and 45 minute drying cycle.  I would have sold it to you for a buck.  I started to go over to Radio Shake and buy a new one but was watching Jack and didn't want to do the car seat thing.  This morning it still looked dead but I plugged it into the computer where it came back to life and even did an update including loading a book I purchased a few days ago.  

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